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Your direct debit will go out approx 3-5 days after you have set it up.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the club.

Your payments are based upon 12 months membership, however the club will never enforce this,
you can cancel your Direct Debit at any time with your bank.
Please inform the club if you cancel your Direct Debit.
Direct Debits are managed by www.gocardless.com

If your direct Debit fails for any reason, the club gets charged an admin fee from GoCardless,
the club reserves the right to pass on this charge to you.

Terms and conditions

1.0 Membership is based over 12 months.
1.1 Payment for membership can be split over 12 payments, paid by Direct Debit.
1.2 Quest offers 3 levels of membership, LITE - Once a week, STANDARD - Twice a week and FULL - Three times a week training.
1.3 2024 Prices are LITE £40.95 p/m, STANDARD £50.95 p/m and FULL is £60.95 p/m
1.4 If you pay in full for 12 months upfront, 10% Discount is available.
1.5 If you leave and no longer are a member of Quest, no refunds are available.
1.6 Direct Debit facilities are provided by GoCardless.
1.7 If you miss your direct debit, GoCardless charges the club a fee. This fee will be passed onto you, the member.
1.8 Monthly payments are reviewed and adjusted inline with inflation and running costs on 1st June each year.

2.0 There are benefits included in your package.
2.1 All kup grades promotion testing (Belt grading) are free.
2.2 Free uniform when you join.
2.3 Free insurance provided by Insure4Sport.

3.0 Availability of lessons provided is 48 out of 52 weeks in any 12 month period.
3.1 If you miss your usual lesson, you can attend a lesson on a different night.
3.2 Quest usually close for 2 weeks in December.
3.3 Quest usually close 2 weeks in summer.

4.0 Full Uniforms are to be worn in Autumn and Winter, Spring and Summer you can wear white bottoms and any Quest branded tops.

5.0 Protective equipment is required for sparring in Cadet, Elite and Adult classes.
5.1 It is the responsibility of the member to provide it.

6.0 Arriving and leaving the building is to made no earlier than 10mins before your start time. Waiting area is either in the shop, or the seating area inside the main area.
6.1 All children must be collected from the shop area unless arrangements have been made contra to this.
6.2 All children must be collected on time, when the lesson is finished.

7.0 Any parents watching, please do not talk to your child during a lesson. Please approach the instructor if you need assistance.

8.0 CCTV is now in operation. Area’s covered are: Shop and Main Training area.
8.1 CCTV footage is saved for max 14 days then automatically deleted.

9.0 Photos and Videos are often done in classes. They will used as a training aid and social media promotions.
9.1 If you do not wish to have your image to be captured and used, you must inform the club in writing. The easiest way is to Email hello@questtaekwondo.cub stating your name and what is and is not allowed.

10.0 Information stored. Parent Name, Address, Mobiles, Member Name, Member Date of Birth, Member Height, Member Weight, Member Grade, Member last grade Date, Attendance Dates, Photo, Member Medical Info, Emergency Contact Details.

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